Those suspected were kidnapped and killed brutally by the occupation army and their collaborators.

Persons killed by pakistani soldiers. 

Genocide of 1971 

Genocide of 1971 

A knocked-out Pakistan Army M-48 Patton light tank, in the Shakargarh secto 

A Pakistani Soldier beating up an unarmed people. Before the war 

after liberation 

Training Camp 1971 

Freedom Fighters in ambush near Dhaka 

Freedom Fighters on training 

Genocide of 1971 

Genocide of 1971, Post War 

Hundreds of dead bodies were found when a small pond was dried. Post war 

Indian Army's T-55 tanks on their way to Dhaka 


Innocent men killed by the Pakistani Army 

Liberation War of Bangladesh-71 

Pakistan Army troops set up a charge, to blow a vital bridge in attempt to slow down the Indian Army advance towards Dhaka - the capital of the erstwhile East Pakistan 

Pakistani mortar crews, wait in their dugouts, for the arrival of Indian troops 

People carring away dead bodies from their neighbourhood to dispose it. Durimg the war,  1971 

Photo of Common People 

Procession led by poet Sufia Kamal 

Running for refuge, yet weapon in hand, 1971 

Students prepare for war 1970 

The Pak-army killed a driver taking him to be a freedom fighter 

Those suspected were kidnapped and killed brutally by the occupation army and their collaborators 

Those ugly faces, Rajakars & Al-Badars (Traitors & Collaborators) 

Thus began the Genocide on March 25, 1971 

Two kids lying dead on a reserve camp. During the war 

Victory at Jamalpur, 1971 

Volunteers of the Bangladesh Liberation Army leaving on a patrol during the war of liberation against Pakistan 

We see a small buy speaking up. In a demonstration. Before the war 

 We see dead bodies of common factory workers. After 25th March

We see people united after 25th March, to fight the Pakistani Armies. They didn't have any guns but they stood up with sticks and knives 

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